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Magento Development in India | Magento Experts Developers | Magento Development Services

Magento Webstore Development  | Magento WebStore Development Services
  • Category wise product navigation for easy management
  • Administrator can control Multiple stores from one admin panel
  • Single page checkout
  • Detail report for customer account and order details
  • Ability to integrate multiple payment option as well as currency
  • Special Discount coupons fancily
  • N-tire pricing architecture
  • Multiple Address Shipping
Magento Webstore Development Services at Web IT Experts, India
  • Highly scalable to accommodate the future business needs, depending on the clients needs
  • Secured payment gateways, with multiple payment options
  • Secured Shipping gateways for multiple shipping of products/services to the right destinations
  • Multiple language options so that shoppers around the globe can shop irrespective of their local languages.
  • In built CMS, which enables the business owners to change the content of their Magneto store, whenever the need arises.
  • High degree of Magneto customization through add-ons and themes template easily available, which makes it easy for e-store owners to customize without need of special programming knowledge
  • Multi-stores set up, securely administered through single back-end administrator.
  • In built SEO features for higher page rank, which in turn increases visibility of the Magneto shopping Cart on the net, for better business results.

Web It Experts offers the e-commerce developers the right option to create innovative, highly customized and cost-effective online shopping carts or e-stores. The modern world has embraced e-commerce and its growing popularity as secure business medium has lead to increase in numbers of Magento development companies, who offer custom Magento development services.

Web IT Experts offers Magento Ecommerce based online stores ecommerce solutions, which can gives the complete control to the merchant online and produces no restraints on the business flow or the processes involved. Our Magento solutions can assist to help you in growing and managing your online business. We have all the tools and talent to create custom scaleable ecommerce websites integrating the versatile Magento platform. Magento Development India offer all kind of services with magento ecommerce tool.

Key Features of Magento Development Platform:

We are one of the leading Magneto development company that provides complete Magento based e-commerce solutions to its clients, spread across the globe. Magento Development India develops and delivers Magneto based e-commerce websites, which have following essential features that facilitate smooth online business:

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Website Design & Development India | PHP,MySQL,Magento Development

Web Design, Web Development and SEO Services Noida, Delhi/NCR (India)

Web IT Experts is a Noida, Delhi/NCR (India) based Web designing and website development company.  We provide Services for SEO, Website promotion, Software development, Mobile applications, Web hosting services.

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Web IT Experts is an India based e-commerce web design firm specialise in Web design, Web development, Web hosting, Zencart templates design.

We are creative website design, Web Development, SEO, Custom Web Designing, SEO services provider company based in NOIDA/Delhi-NCR, our best Rates in Web Designing and Web Development.

Our Services:

Web Designing

Web Development

Search Engine Optimization

Web Hosting

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Friday, 17 August 2012

Tips to an Excellent Web Page

We are regret to inform you that there are not any magic pills to design an excellent web page that users will come again and again. However, there are techniques you can follow to help. While creating the website, you should keep in mind some key things such as easy to use and user-friendliness. A site should load promptly and offer what the users need right up front.

The tricks mentioned in this blog will assist you better your pages and make them something your users are concerned with reading and passing on to others.

1. Draw your attention on quick pages.
Quick pages are always significant. Regardless how quick the normal connection is for your users, there is always more subject matter, more images and more content for them to access. A fact about the speed is that users only notice it when it’s lacking. Therefore, making quick web pages often feel unsatisfying, however if you stick to these tricks, your web pages won’t be slow, and so your users will stay longer.
2. Keep your web pages as short as possible

Writing for the cyberspace is different from writing for newspaper or magazines. A website owner needs to add the subject matter that will give visitors what they need to make a good decision. It is advised to update enough information for those who need an expansion of the basics.

3. Importance of Good website navigation

One of the most important things that attract the readers around the page and the website is Navigation. Heavy web pages can be assisted from tables of subject matters with the help of anchor links to aid users get around. However, you should also have simple site navigation.

4. Use small images and sprites whenever feasible

Generally, small images have the quicker download speed as compared to the physical size. Even a beginner web designer can create effective web pages if the images used are not so heavy. It’s not good for a website to use an image and upload it to your site without cropping it and resizing it to be as small as feasible.

In order to speed up your site images, it is advised to use CSS sprites on your websites. In case, your website has several images across different pages then you can use sprites to store the pictures so that they do not need to be re-downloaded on the other page your clients visit.

5. Use appropriate colors.

Keep in mind that web pages having appropriate colors look impressive. In fact, if you wish your page for a specific nation or area consider it will be perceived by other users. Additionally, so you should be conscious while selecting the color you use on your website. Color symbolism plays an important role, hence it is necessary to think about it while creating your web color scheme.

6. Write as internationally as you can.

As discussed above, sites are international. So outstanding sites acknowledge that. You should ensure that things such as measurements, currencies, times and dates are clear so that all your users will understand exactly what you want to communicate.

7. Check your spelling and grammar.

It has been noticed that the spelling and grammar errors can ruin the image of the site. Several people are not forgiving of spelling mistakes. You are written an entirely error free content for years and then you have made one simple mistake “teh” instead of “the” and you will receive irate emails from some clients, and some will give up the discussion without communicating you at all. You may seem it unfair, however users judge sites by the quality of the writing, spelling and grammar errors.

8. Keep links current.

One of the other reasons of an unintended site is Broken links. Additionally, why would anyone need to stick around on a website that even the website owner doesn’t bother for? Unluckily, link rot is something that occurs without even noticing. Therefore, it’s significant to use an HTML validator to assist you examine older pages for broken links.

9. Put contact details on your websites.

Several web owners are uncomfortable with contact details on their web pages. They feel that it is like an offense of privacy. You may be reckoned “what if they actually come me?” It’s actually, it could occur. However, most interests are going to be related to your website. We are not advocating you to put the contact details on your website that you aren’t comfortable with, but giving some way to address you is significant for a site.

Contact details remind customer that the website is sustained by another person. This refers that they may be more beneficial and more inclined to respect you when they do make interaction. Additionally, by telling contact details on your website, you are assisting your customers trust you.

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