Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Choosing a right web design and development agency for business

Gone are the days when choosing a best web design & development agency was a simple task, isn't it?. These days even with the help of Google, finding and then selecting the right agency can often be frustrating.

More often than not if you are not careful, you might end up selecting the wrong agency for the right job or worse still the right agency for the wrong job! So whether you’re just a marketing intern on his first real job or a small business owner here are tips to help you avoid the pitfalls of choosing the wrong agency.

  1. Be clear on what your spend objective is : Are you trying to get a better web design, responsive web design and SEO rank or are you trying to generate more customer leads for your business?
  1. Be clear on the amount you will spend : Clearly talk about your budget with the agency and use the web services in your budget.
  1. Bigger is not always equal to Better : Apart from difference in the cost, if you yourself is a small business owner, you will probably be better off working with a smaller agency.
  1. It’s not how large your spend is, it’s how significant your spend is to your agency’s billing : Ensure that agency treat your business carefully and with respect and helps you in the invariable negotiations that will happen on the price.
  1. Don’t buy the sizzle, Test the meat underneath : It might be possible that employee may not be much talented and experienced as the boss so try to talk to the person concerned with your work.
  1. Compare. Compare. Compare : Check out the agencies portfolio’s,quotations,client lists, repeated business and the longevity of the clients.
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